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Artist Bobby Lee Krajnik uses a vibrant palette to create delightful yet sophisticated landscapes. Her paintings are strongly influenced by the rich history of the Southwest and her style is inspired by the colors and hecho a mano aspect of the traditional folk art of Old Mexico. Her “Misiones” paintings attempts to portray the human aspect of these unique and sacred buildings that were often the center of community life.




Bobby Lee Krajnik

“It’s as if the paintings have a personality and have something to say.  As if, they want to reach out and embrace you. Many people find comfort, hope and joy in my work, and I think that is such a special gift. There needs to be a reason for doing this work… something more. I am truly blessed that I am painting the subject that I connect to and that it is so well received.”

“I went through a very difficult time several years back, as we all do at certain times in our lives, and these experiences change us forever. That is when I began to solely paint the missions. I became an artist due to an illness in my early thirties and I was no longer able to work. And then I found my voice, as a painter, through more pain. But now, something positive has come out of all this.” 


Untitled 1Bobby Lee Krajnik’s work has been shown in galleries in the Southwestern United States and Central Mexico. She has participated in multiple group museum shows, including “Cowgirl Up!” and the “Western Spirit Show” in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She also regularly participates in the “Mountain Oyster Show” in Tucson, Arizona. Bobby’s work is currently represented by galleries in Scottsdale and Santa Fe.